Bajan Words
A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
Wait exclamation A substitution for "By the way". (eg: "wait, you know that Hendy win money?" (By the way, did you hear that Hendy won money?"
Wait! exclamation An expression of surprise or shock.
Wee-wee verb To urinate.
  noun Urine.
Weh-Part? adverb Where?
Wha'  expression What
Whaloss! exclamation "Oh my goodness!"
Whapax! exclamation A slapping sound.
Which-Part? adverb Where?
Wildboys noun Delinquent boys
Wizzy-wizzy verb Talking in secret, gossip
Write-off verb To damage a vehicle to a point that the repairs would exceed the total value of the vehicle.
  adjective To be damaged beyond repair (vehicle)
Wuh determiner What
Wuk-Up verb A popular dance here that involves rotating your hips in a sexual manner
Wunnuh pronoun "You" in the plural form.
Wutliss adjective Worthless in a slovenly manner.
Wuffliss adjective Worthless in a slovenly manner.