Bajan Words
A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
Ga-long verb Go along
Gap noun A street.
Gear noun Expensive brand name clothing
Gine verb Going
Gipsy / Gypsy adjective Too inquisitive about everyone's business (pronounced “jip-see”)
  verb Inquire about someone else's business
Goat-heaven noun A state of bliss
God-Horse noun A Stick Insect
Go-Forwards noun slippers
Go-Off verb To become mentally unstable.
Government Juice noun Tap water
Grabble verb To grab hold of
Grabble-up verb To grab hold of roughly
Gree verb To be on speaking terms with somebody
Gree-Back verb To get back on speaking terms with somebody
Gully-boar noun One who has no class (pronounced “guh-lee-bor”)
Guttaperk noun A handheld catapult