Bajan Words
A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
Dan noun An infamous person. (usually male)
Dannet noun An infamous female.
Dangorgon noun An infamous person. (usually male)
Dangerous adjective To be disloyal to one's friends
Dat pronoun / conjunction  That
Dat wuh? expression Pardon me
De variation The
Dead noun A Corpse
  verb To die (eg: He dead 'bout two years now
= He died two years ago)
Dearheart noun Sweetheart
De-Belly noun Diarrhea
Decked adjective Dressed in one's finest
Deck-down adjective Dressed in one's finest
Dee noun (political) A supporter of the Democratic Labour Party
Disgusting adjective Extremely Disobedient (especially children)
Dixie adjective Happy
Denn  expression A typical sentence ending used to emphasize.
Dem preposition Them
Dem noun (political) A candidate or member of the Democratic Labour Party
Dems noun (political) The Democratic Labour Party
Ding Dong adverb (of an argument) heated, passionate
    (eg: We had it ding dong = we had a heated argument)
Doctor Booby noun A hummingbird.
Dog Dumplin noun None Fruit (pronounced non-e)
Donkey hair noun Synthetic hair.
Donkey years expression A long time ago
Dottish adjective Stupid, foolish (pronounced doh-tish)
Dress To Kill adjective To be dressed fancy
Drug Mule noun Someone who smuggles drugs on or inside their body.
Druggy noun Someone who is using or hooked on drugs
Dumpsy adjective To be stupid. To be slow in academic learning.
Duppy noun An evil spirit, a dead person
Dutty adjective Dirty.