A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
Yuh can' be in de church an' de chapel too
You can't be in more than one place at the same time, so don't behave like you know everything.
Yuh can' plant yam and reap eddoe
You are rewarded or punished for your actions.
Yuh can' put mongoose tuh watch chicken
You shouldn't trust people with things which you know will be a great temptation to them.
Yuh can't stan' in de road an' sih de leak in sumbody else house
It's impossible to know the full extent of another man's domestic problems.
Yuh can' stop yuh ear from hearing but yuh could stop yuh mout from talking
A warning against repeating what one has heard. 
Yuh can' want it in de glass and de bottle too
You can't have it both ways.
Yuh don' buy cow when yuh can get free milk
When you give someone the privelleges of married life, they will never marry you.
Yuh got more tricks dan a monkey
You are very clever.
Yuh got plaster fuh evah sore
You have an answer for everything. 
Yuh got tuh christen yuh own child before yuh can len' out de christening clothes
You must solve your own problems before involving yourself in someone else's.