A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
Water does run, but blood does clot
Relatives should look out for each other.
Wha' ain't pass yuh, ain't miss yuh
Becasue something hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean you are immune from it.
Wha-ever pun de ground is fuh de cat and de dog
What you find is yours to keep.
Wha' hurt turkey don' hurt duck
What may pose a problem for one person may not have that effect on another
Wha' mout say, hand can' do
People boast of their intentions but can't always deliver on that boast.
Wha' sweeten goat mout does bun 'e tail
Things that are pleasurable can have very unplesant consequences.
Wha' yuh eye en' sih, yuh stomach will tek
What you don't know won't hurt you
Wha' yuh do in de dark does come out in de light
It is impossible to hide all of your actions. 
When a bird fly too fast he does fly pass ‘e nest
Don't be overly ambitious.
When a dog does suck egg, 'e does get blame fuh evah ting
Once a person has committed an offensive act, they are automatically blamed when that offence has been committed again
When yuh ain't got horse, ride cow
Make use of whatever you have at your disposal.
When yuh pick corn pon more dan one row, yuh don' know wih yuh get yuh bag full up
When you have relations with multiple men, you can't be sure which one got you pregnant.
When yuh see a man fishing in a dry pond, don't call ‘e a fool
Don't ridicule someone if you're not sure what they're doing.
Who de cap fit, leh he draw de string
The person who knows he is guilty about something will react accordingly
Who help yuh buy a big guts mule don' help yuh feed it
People that lead you into trouble are never around to help you get back out.
Whoever got clothes hang out does look for rain
When people get defensive, it usually means that they have something to hide.