A Dictionary of Barbadian Language
De devil does find work fuh idle hands to do
Idle people usually get themselves into mischief.
De dog dat bring a bone will kaah one
People who gossip with you will likely gossip about you.
De higher de monkey climb, de more 'e show 'e tail
The more you show off, the more your faults are seen.
De las' calf kill de cow
Doing the same thing too often can have disastrous results
De more yuh peep, de less yuh sih
Spying on others is a waste of time, as they will soon devise ways to out maneuver the spy.
De same mout dat court yuh, don' marry yuh
People who encourage you to do certain things is, are never around to help you when necessary.
De sea ain't got nuh back door
The sea is a dangerous place which claims many lives.
De tongue dat does buy yuh does sell yuh
The same person that flatters you often betrays you.
Dead man can't run from ‘e coffin
It is impossible to run from your responsibilities.
Dirty water does cool hot iron
When aroused, a man will be satisfied with any type of woman.
Don't bite de hand that feed ya
Look out for those who look out for you.
Don' court Robin fuh 'e rags 
Don't pursue a friendship only for what you can get out of it.
Don't hang yuh hat where yuh hand can' reach 
Don't be too ambitious.
Don' leh nuhbody rub stool in yuh mout and tell yuh it is pudding
Don't let anyone do or say anything harmful or insulting, under the guise that they are being nice. 
Don't rush de brush and throw away de paint
Do not allow haste to create problems for you.
Don' ship all yuh sugar in one vessel 
Do not risk all your resources in a single venture
Don't tek a six for a nine
Do not misunderstand a person's real intentions
Don' wait till de horse get out de stable to shut de door
Don't wait until the situation gets out of control then to take corrective action.
Donkey got long ear, but 'e don' like to hear 'e own story 
People do not like to hear or accept their own faults.