Welcome To BajeWeb

Introducing the new BajeWeb Portal (www.bajeweb.com). BajeWeb is a Barbadian Web Portal designed to be a homepage and launchpad. The site features many things to link Barbadians to relevant resources, both local and international. Features include……

  • Bajan Search Engine: BajeWeb provides a search box which searches only Barbadian sites.
  • Top Sites: BajeWeb provides a list of the top sites visited by Barbadians, as recorded in the latest statistics .
  • News & Weather: BajeWeb provides news headlines from both Barbadian and International news sources on a daily basis. Local weather is also delivered.
  • Sports & Entertainment: The portal also provides the latest updates on Cricket & Football, as well as a list of  Top 10 Movies at the box office.
  • Radio Players & Other Value Added Links: The portal allows you to listen to live Barbadian radio stations. It also links you to Online Mobile Top Ups and Movie Listings for local cinemas.

The BajeWeb website received a makeover in 2018. Not all features of the original portal have been brought over as yet. We will be sharing more about the features that are coming, both new and resurrected.

Thank you for choosing BajeWeb. There’s so much more to come…..